What We Believe

Worship – 

Worship should help you sense God’s nearness and allow you to express yourself to Him. Therefore, we offer worship services that are relevant, practical and life changing. Our music is inspirational and the messages deal with the timeless truths of God’s Word. Worship is not something to watch in our church, but instead, it is something to participate in!

Fellowship – 

We provide a family atmosphere that includes children, singles, seniors and men & women who are looking for a sense of belonging. We invite you to enjoy deep, caring fellowship with others who are set on discovering God’s best for their lives.

Evangelism – 

Because God so loved the world; He gave her His best by giving Himself! Faith in Jesus Christ motivates us to imitate that depth and quality of love. He has placed a well of compassion in our hearts for hurting people everywhere. He is our motivation for sharing His redeeming love and amazing grace whether it be around the world or across the street.

Service – 

We believe that God’s love provides wonderful possibilities for us to grow in faith and to discover how He can use our abilities to strengthen His church. We show people how Christ can set them free from past guilt and negative, controlling habits, thus making them a powerful servant for the kingdom. We encourage each other to “let their light so shine” so that those around may see faith in action.

Discipleship – 

We believe that the Bible is God’s infallible Word and the only adequate answer for problems in our homes, community and world. It is the final authority for our faith and our actions. We teach its truth and wisdom in our Life groups (small groups). Our pastors' messages are based on the Bible and will help you see how God’s plan relates to every area of your life.