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Relevant and Reverent

 Relevant And Reverent

If you are looking for a church family where you can make new friends, be encouraged and find fulfillment … Turnpike Wesleyan just might be the place for you. Our desire is to help you find Hope for tomorrow, Healing from yesterday and a Home for today.

We are a church that is centered around Worship (I Cor. 2:2)

Worship should help you sense God’s nearness and let you express yourself to Him. That is why our services are life-oriented and centered on Christ. You will discover inspiring music, practical messages that deal with real life situations and often hear testimonies from people who are experiencing the reality of God’s goodness and His guidance in their lives. We pray with great confidence in God’s ability to meet our personal needs and those of others. Worship is not something to watch in our church - it is something to do.

We are a church built on Friendship (Proverbs 18:24)

We encourage the kind of concern for one another that leads to friendships you can count on in times of stress and need. We offer joy-filled relationships that make life a celebration. We invite you to enjoy deep, caring fellowship with others who are set on discovering God’s best for their lives. One of our most important teaching is that a life of "perfect love" for God and for our neighbors is made possible by the powerful work of God’s Holy Spirit in our lives.

We are a church where you can develop your Potential (II Timothy 2:15)

We believe that God’s love provides wonderful possibilities for us to know Him and to grow in faith that gives life meaning, purpose and power. We show people how Christ can set them free from past guilt and negative, controlling habits. Through Jesus we find emotional wholeness, answers to life’s toughest questions, guidance for those difficult decisions and a hope for the future.

We are a church committed to Reaching Out to Others (Luke 10:29-36)

Because God so loved the world, He gave His best by giving us Himself. Faith in Jesus Christ motivates us to imitate that love. He is the source of compassion in our hearts for hurting people everywhere. He is our mo-tivation for being involved in all kinds of people-helping projects - whether one-on-one in our neighborhood, through group efforts in our community or worldwide mission outreach. We want to be God’s hands and feet across the world and across the street.

We are a church where Family Matters (Matthew 19:5- 6)

We work with parents, teens and children to provide a sound foundation based on Biblical values and morals. We provide a family atmosphere for singles, seniors and men and women who are looking for a sense of belonging. We offer special activities for people of all ages, support programs for those who are making difficult adjustments, ministry opportunities throughout the year to enrich your spiritual growth and fellowship moments to develop friendships with a wide variety of other people.

We are a church committed to Helping You (Jeremiah 31:3)

The Turnpike Wesleyan Church is committed to helping you discover a deeply satisfying, personal relationship with God. We make it a priority to provide constant encouragement for those who are seeking to enjoy life at its best. Our teachings come straight from the only book with all the an-swers - the Bible. Our worship services are Christ-centered and people-oriented. We care about our community and we are working to make it a better place to live. You will be welcome and accepted just as you are. We invite you to get acquainted with us and perhaps you will discover that "We’re who you hoped we are."

We exist to make more disciples for Jesus!

Below are several brochures that you might find helpful in understanding who we are, how you can become a Christian and what to expect in our children's ministry. 

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